Sunday, March 28, 2010

Okaeri Minna!----The Retarded Aizat

How can I say 'Tadaima' (welcome home) when there's a Cherry Pie saying 'Okaeri' in a cutest way? Not really cute, but a lot like kindergarten kids...I was like, "Okay, whateverr..but my heart still pounding like, "aawwww, u filthy cute little asshole! ^^, come to daddy!"

But unfortunately, I reply in the most arrogant way by making WTF-face. Aizat, that's unfair!!! Kesian deorng :'(

APEKAH YG AIZAT MEREPEK NI?...sape tahu? x yh angkat tangan, shoot jerr tros (=.=)!

Back to the story, my roommates had return from some stupid boobs camp (itsa educational camp actually to promote UiTM Arau to the rural community), and Lokman got some ugly patch on his face. I reckon it's his skin is sensitive and got infected by some insect poison or something, I don't know...

Well, both of them leaved me with bunch of dirty clothes and wet towel,gross... I'm doing laundry every Saturday, so I just grab all clothes on their bed and fit it in the new bloody LG which took like an hour and half! Fuck me! I can even masturbate like a 12 shot within that one hour (=.=)

------>aizat dh mule mereng<--------

is it weird of doing your roommates laundry? Am I too nice? You know what, sometime I glad that Tom often visit my room, but sometime he utterly piss me off (=.=)~

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