Sunday, March 7, 2010

Piala Pengarah Campus: The interfaculty public speech competition! ^^,

LOL it's our first time joining the Public Speaking competition due to force by BEL lecturer ( Civil Engineering la not me ^^,) As the result,

Just look at Tom, he seems lost, ops...but still I praised his passion for joining the competition :P

This is my Roommate, Lokman aka Akim. He's actually doing this just because not to loose the carry marks for BEL too, but he's doing great :D

Anyhow, they didn't made it yesterday for today's semi-final :'( But I did! Ops... :P My speech was about Art and I did speak of Gaga due to her marvelous songs in performing art.

So, here's Yuzwan, participating the Debat Ala Parlimen last Friday. Just look at the way he's firing the opponent side LOL ^^

Ops, 2 Against 1 Huahahaha :P

Since today's the semi final, I met like bunch of talented speaker like these guy...

This is Lokman aka Man. He delivering the speech with full of metaphor spontaneously! I impressed, totally! He's talking about stealing someone else point of view by showing it in common act like borrowing someone else spectacles and look through it in the owner perspective. Awesome!

Well, here's another rival who play dumb but genius, still. He's confident by dare himself singing in front there. Actually, I was about to sing some verse of Paparazzi too before extracting the message, but I was like " Aizat, don't embarrass yourself"

However, I reckon today's performance was way much better than yesterday since everything seems great! I explain the Paparazzi lyrics specifically & artistically. I gain more confident in today's performance which much better than yesterday :P LOL, plus, as the speech finish I went Mushroom for breakfast n then, PAPARAZZI BY LADY GAGA WAS ON AIR LOUDLY, GOSH! I felt so great as if even the atmosphere actually embody my deepest soul in defining art through the song :P

Well, the result is today, 2.30pm. Lets hope I can make it to the final!


diyana anwar said...

miss our debator times!
*muka i lah slalu belagak cool, padahal tangan shaking badly! hoho

Aizat said...

LOL ingat tak kte siap bergosip2 time kuarantin dolu2, ops..kantoi huagaga:p


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