Thursday, March 25, 2010


Gosh I’m tired like hell today! Anyhow, I should not make it as the reason to escape from any responsibility bcoz I’m fasting today.
To get a hold sanctify from Allah, I’m turning every daily routine into ibadah by niat Lillahi Taala. Well, let’s hope my ibadah is accepted.
Thanks to Ihsan psl ajak puase ohoho :P

Earlier this morning, Ali did light-on early to do some revision but I didn’t aware to get myself some food for sahur. Barely forgot until someone noticed that I look so pale and askng whether I’M bersahur or not. Uhuhu :P

Since last 2 days was a hell for me, I’m expecting not for today either, even Nameer, Ujay, Dean and Yakuza was (among the person I remember) asking me whether I had recover or not. Thanks guys for concern on me. I’m truly appreciating it.

But seriously, hari memang penat dan letih nk mampos! Hrmm... I should practice more so that I’m not this bitchy this Ramadhan. (harap sempat Ramadhan taon ni!!!)

Bosan menanti ustaz Qudus

So, ade sesi poyo2 photo-shot lagi huagaga :P

Directed by Yuzwan, mmg vogue gitu ohoho ala next top model lak dibuatnye LOL

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