Sunday, March 14, 2010

Review of the day: Lepak Alor Setar

Gosh it's tiring fool around Alor Setar when you spend like RM100++ for the whole journey plus, some goodies and junkies and not to forget bunch of pictures LOL ^^

It's my first time get on the train. Just wanna hangout somewhere else instead of the lousy Arau and Kangar. We watched V3 Samseng Jalanan. Well I gotta tell ya, if you wanna watch it, I say, HELL NO! ( in Shanaynay tone) It's fuckin' boring with such predictable storyline and stupid way of mocking the teenagers by putting Aqasha as the samseng, things just gone rubbish, even the hot chicks doesn't make it turn out so well.

There was a moment where as if Farid Kamil and Intan Ladyana having a lip-lock but the scene was remove and it was like,

6 second kissing scene=3 sec their face was getting closer+2 second lip-lock+1 sec blushing

then, the real movie was like, 3 second kissing scene, without the lips in contact part only. How lame is that?! Macam bajet,"Gosh, deorang btol2 kiss tpi kne potong, ops.."

Sumpah poyo, siot jerr...poster nk gempak jerr..hmpeh!
Anyway Farid Kamil, good try for your first movie...V3 was directed by Farid Kamil himself as well as the main actor in V3.

basah kuyup

But the annoyed part was, before we got to the train station, the rain was darn hard. We barely ran from City Plaza to the KTM in rush coz Ali had bought the ticket earlier so we don't want to miss the train. But as the moment we arrived, out of sudden the rain just stop! (=.=)"

By the way, on our way to A. Setar, me and Ali got ourselves in a conversation with the sweet tourist couple from America. So we gave some hint having fun in Malaysia, and the girl praised my english, LOL poyo jerr aizat... ^^, thanks to Ali psl cakap lokasi mane yg menarik kt Malaysia :P

I just got myself a braces just like Ashton, Yay! Plus Supernatural Season 4 and HQ DVD of Percy Jackson and The Olympian : The Lightning Thief.

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