Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Review of the day:Unlucky Day

People who are actually close to me kinda turn me down today coz they just don't give me a damn second for me to be part of their life! I'm not being a selfish motherfucker. It's just that I'm expecting some positive feedback in normal 2 ways communication unless they forgot already what En Kamal had teach us last SEM. (=.=)""

Go on, laugh at me...I'm a boy who drain of attention and love...Well, that's me. But in my defense,(aizat is trying to put this shit positively, poor thing...), it's just not my lucky day...

  • My buddy left me in queue during lunch alone, which totally uncommon coz we're normally wait our mate at every time especially during lunch coz we're gonna eat together..(aizat mmg mengade2..)
  • My roommates ignored my jokes, perhaps it's too silly and not civilize enough..(amboi sindir terok!)
  • Again, I got ignored like twice as I asked Nameer bout the 60 bucks issue, even he did respond but,fuck me! knape sensitive sgt hari ni?
---->FML =.=?<---- Anyhow, thanks a lot to pals who care and calm me down even in person or via Facebook :P

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