Saturday, March 20, 2010

Review of Theater Hantu

Here's the recap yesterday's event. It's like 1.39am in morning right and I'm too afraid to have along speech bout this shit. Spooky... :"(

But FYI, the actor, Ikram Dinzly did calm Bella down just now in person! Wow, how cool is that? I told u already Bella, people aren't gonna ban Pentas Digma just bcoz of this incident, everyone will understand and support the only theater club in UiTM Perlis.

The scene provocative scene where Bella claims that she saw 'the things' was actually amongst the audience, spooky....

Bella ans the ghost of Suminah

Well, we're here actually just for Bella, ops :P Well, as for me I'm appreciating their art since it is my thingy!

This is the funny part of the play where the bicycle was too heavy to carry the girl with her dead baby...


dya said...

buat teater psl hantu? serious spooky!

Aizat said...

mmg! props deorg bwt pown gempak abish! pentas dh x nmpak cm pentas pown


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