Monday, March 1, 2010

The Un-cool Mejar Dr Faiz speech

I keep calling my mom like 5 times, but she just didn’t answer. I worried for nothing.I’d give my very best preparing for the test. But the butterfly my stomach just won’t stop. I need to talk to my mom, ask for her bless, and wish her Happy Birthday too, perhaps =D

I ought do a significant thing just alone without any accessories. I won’t go too straight because I just can’t or else I’ll turn red.

I kept on calling but still no answer. Gosh, too many dramas drive me to reckon that something might happen to her. LOL so I just call my house if she’s around. Well, Achik said she’s outstation.

Then, I told myself that mama is always praying for you no matter when, so just put your faith in Allah and everything will be fine. Alhamdulillah, I managed to do it calmly and confident but I really hope there’s no stupid careless blunder.

Afterwards, we just headed to Dewan Baru for a session with Mejar Dr Faiz, the Malaysian Astronaut. Well, as normal, it’s boring because he’s not a good speaker but, literally he did pass like a tones of facts to us.

But still, he a public figure I need to do something to color today’s routine. So I was a bout to ask him a question. A silly-non-scientific challenging one. Mother F but he just limit to 2 questions only. And both goes to the girls. That’s so unfair! If it was Dr Sheikh, he’ll answer as many question as he could, trust me coz that what was happen at MRSM Taiping before.

Even the picture session was conquered by the girls. Hmm, LOL but I’m not that disappointed as the part he’s answering my question =D I wanna ask him so bad!!! I really wanna do something that can enhance myself esteem and confident in public. For the sake of my future.

Anyhow, there’re a couple shots at the event. Totally non-related one to the subject LOL^^

Girls just madly crazy on him! Weird...=,= die bukan nye Syeikh Muzaffar uols

Even Dr Faiz got cramp with the crowd.

I was enthusiastic in this shit but as he turn me off, and won't accept my question...

truly piss me off! so,

LOL looser astronaut :P

My pals and me just got ourselves into some crazy shots due to sick of the event since not everybody will get the MPP sticker as the reward, duh...(LOL faiz pose cm ketua keluarga plawk ohoho^^)

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