Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What a Fight...

Yesterday I was like… “When the hell are they going to get their asses out of this room? Coz we did have a deal that no more group discussion exceed 11.30pm but they still did! Mother F. I wanna sleep for crying out loud coz every morning we’ll wake up like about 30 more minute before the class started.”

But now, I am… “ Cummon, aizat, no big deal. Besides they just do some revision and assignment. It’s good rather than playing games and gossiping, right?”

But, In my defend… “ I’m cool as long they don’t make noise when I’m praying. But worst they did heva sex jokes while I’m praying! WTH?”

Anyhow you might say… “Room is not a peace for pray. If you want to do religious thingy, just go to mosque.”

Then, I was like… “Mother F, why don’t you stay in my foot?”


y0Ngu falcon said...

lu tendang je sekor2 klua bilik... ha2... tol ah... gi masjid ah nk smyg... dpt pahala jalan kaki, pahala smyg berjemaah... wowowowo...

Aizat said...

mmg lebey afdhal smayang kt masjid..but sometime ble rushing nk pg kelas tu kinda special case, so....cmtu la cite nye.. :'(


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