Sunday, March 28, 2010

X tido lagi...

Fuck me I can barely close my eyes but it’s already 4.20 in the morning due thousand if thingy soaring in my head. Everything, both past and future.

  • I was thinking that I should try on debate next semester rather than stick with the public speech.
  • I reckon I shouldn’t buy a new cell next semester coz my w995 is way good enough for a student.
  • I kinda miss my Cuppy Cake and Cherry Pie.
  • I was prayed to Allah; don’t let the arrogant in me noticeable every time some bunch of amateur is doing some analogy of ‘muhasabah diri’ session for some guy of the same age. I don’t wanna be a bodoh sombong.
"All this wealthy is not permanent. Nothing belongs to me since everything is borrowed and one day I shall return it to The Almighty."
  • When I put big things on the top, small thingy that I used to bother, seems pointless coz there’s bigger thing to chase.
Zip it AIZAT! 4.30AM ALREADY! Kjp lgi ade Qiamulail Perdana. Thanks a lot President of Nyatoh for arranging the agenda. Cynical.

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