Wednesday, April 7, 2010

aku nk tido la bab1 puk!m@k h@ram 1ancau ch!bai mkcik lu!

Last two days I was so annoyed when I can only sleep at 3am since my roommates were busy dying on their assignment. You know I can’t sleep in psychologically unstable with the light on and dim-witted chit chat faltering like all the time. So, as for last night I decided to sleep at Meor’s room since Ujay and Nameer overnight at Dean house. So, I reckon it would be a perfect spot for sweet escape because Meor’s room normally lights off earlier.

At first, it was me, Yuzwan and of cz Meor, coz it his room :P But after a while, the maladroit Faishal came in, and I was like, “Gosh, don’t tell me that this is a bad sign, cz I don’t want him to sleep here tonight,”

But I was fucking wasted, and fall asleep. I kinda noticed, we also have Ikhwan here, the insomniac gamer once in a while. “Urgh, come on…I thought it’s a threesome,” But I just prefer to obey my drowsiness and took a nap.

But, fuck me! It’s fucking noisy with the lights on!

Okay, Aizat cut it out! Just straight to the point, okay? First of all, I’m so sorry and no offense to you guys, but personally,

Dah la menumpang, buat bising plak tu. Aq rase deorg tatau yg meor tuh jenis tido awal and they just kept the lights on until 2am, WTF? Even the douchebag Nameer and Ujay can tolerant to lights off at 11pm; it’s totally rude when someone outside aka someone far to kin unlike roommates is doing such thing to the landlord.kate hri ni cuti, yg kebulok nk bwt mlm smlm gk pahal?! marahnye sayee!!!

Bile aq bising soh tutup lampu belah aq, deorg peginye bukak lampu dekat Meor, memang melampau. As if they don’t respect Meor at all as the tuan rumah. This situation is a lot like, when the girls asked Doc to switch on the fan while she’s teaching. ApaKAH? Dah la org tu blaja tinggi2 smpai PhD, korang soh die tolong bkk kipas? Common la…respect to autocrat, okay?
But on second thought, “ they are doing assignment Aizat, bkn nye maen games or watch some porn, x lei tolerant ke aizat?”

TOLERANT? DON’T YOU FUCK ME WITH THE TOLERANT ISSUE AGAIN CZ I DID TOLERANT A LOT PREVIOUSLY AND I’M SO SICK OF THE ENTIRE DEAF PEOPLE WHO DON’T CONCERN ON OTHERS. I used to broadminded with my roommates with the same issue, but I kinda realize the problems is not originate from them, but me instead who overly sensitive and selfish, so…

At that moment, I was like, “hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baek di negeri sendiri,” So, I pack up my stuff and get my asses the hell out of the room and back to my sweet home. As I knock the door, my roommates was about to sleep, I and the most touching part is, they already got the toto terbentang for me to sleep, aaaaww…touching sgt :’( so, masuk2 bilik n teros tido dengan aman dan damainya.



y0Ngu falcon said...

susah tol kalau asik nk kne tolerate ngan org lain... wuwuwuwuwu... mmg kesabaran yg tinggi :D

y0Ngu falcon said...
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munirah said...

aku pon same mcm ko. takleh nak tido kalo ade orang buat bising sembang.tapi kalo light on, aku still boleh lena. sebab katil kat tingkat bawah.:)

Aizat said...

Yong, mmg btol2 kne sabo but they hd just cross the line.

aq dok katil atas dh la panas, so prefer tido atas toto kt lntai. but everytime roommatse busy, deorg bwk classmate what discussion kt lntai so x lei nk bwt pape, but I'm cool bot it n respect them coz course civil engineering mmg tough pon..

nway, korg thanx for the response :)


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