Thursday, April 1, 2010

Malu lagi

This picture got nothing to do with this post issue :P Just wanna put it here. Actually Yuzwan was so mad to snap some cool pic. we just gave like couple of damn shot at the BK area. It's not that beautiful but I still like it ^^,

Goddamn, hell no I'm speaking of embarrass shit again? Well, hell yes... (=.=)

I did mention previously, that I'll turn clumsy whenever I bump up with cute girl. Well, it happen again. Plus, with same girl. LOL :P Everything turn disaster as I shame myself with some stupid crazy idea of mess around the audience during the Course Dinner, gosh! I just try my best to be a good MC, of things turn out well, but the bitchy part is, I went speechless as I hit her... :'(

for goodness sake, how many time u wanna talk of that shit,huh???, I hate the fact that my attempt to crack in others conversation is failed...It was like something hit on my face like BANG! shame...

BTW, I just gave Ziko my Supernatural DVD Season 4. Hmm..don't wanna keep it cuz it'll just mess up my closet.

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