Friday, April 9, 2010

Random Thought 2

I realized my last post was a pretty offensive and provocative one coz I not just got response another blogger, but even via facebook and non non-virtually, during class as well.

Everyone got their dark side life. It's hard to dance in the dark coz you have no idea what are you facing with from each direction. Even the earth don't covered by silver light for 24 hour. How can you force me to stay innocent forever?

LOL I'm taking it too serious when it comes analogical. Let just spit out what did mess up my head.

My eye turn red since yesterday coz I forgot to remove the lens before I went to sleep. I wasn't aware of it coz it was 3 at evening I was damn tired I thought of nothing instead of get rest.

I have hafazan this evening. I'm required to memorize like 5 line of doa as the course-mark for HKR111 :P Sound piece of cake, but I haven't memorize any single line, gosh!

The final exam is like 1 more weeks and I'm so gonna put 101% commitment into this bloody responsibility!

p/s~I'm breakfast with the un-nutritious pickles and some plain water. That is so not healthy.

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