Thursday, April 15, 2010

Review of the day: I don't hate Miley and I don't hate gay

Currently listening to When I look at You by Miley Cyrus. What did you said? Lame? okay, go to hell...Don't be sucha Shane-Dawson for hating everyone who are more successful than you. But how can I agree more even myself is actually hating and jealous those who are more excel than me?...Well I am a Shane :'(

She's so pretty. She almost perfect, but she's too famous and too popular. How can I reach her if there's too many guy hit-on her like everyday? Popularity is killing her beauty and turning her into a fame-whore. I like her no more. I lied. Down deep, there's still a place and hope for her.

Gosh aizat!
What a nice poet you wrote! ohohoho :P tetibe teringat yg dolu2 ske sgt dkt Hilary Duff but as she's getting wild, cm dh kureng ckit minat kt die...

What's cool today?

-I went to the library all by myself, no pressure, no catalist, just naturally wanna go to the exotic place (according to Aizat's Encyclopedia, library listed amongs the exotic and rare place to go) and I study econs quite much :P

-I love the fact that there's so many guy came to Bella at library but there's only one chick came to me and it's Bella.(ohohoho, aizat poyo tahap ayam chirit!) Well, she just knock my table and say hello :P she's such a cool chick ;D

-My sister is promoted to UNIKOP. I don't care and don't mind which college will she go, as long she can pursue her dream and keep on studying, and she enjoy her profession, I'll support her 101%!

p/s~ I'll add up something afterward coz there's still plenty of time until the end of tonight :P

continued on 9.02pm,

I don't hate gay because I'm gay? Well, for those kinda people especially muslim, it's the greatest test ever from Allah. Don't insult people for their gayness. Are you willing to burden the shame if Allah fated your son to be one? think twice...

p/s~actually, I came out with such words just because I'm listening to You're so Gay by Katy Perry :P

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