Saturday, April 3, 2010

Review of the day: LOL test? ^^,

This is the picture of Tun Dr Mahathir visited PM Najib at his office. Got it from Najib's FB LOL. Iknow, cute right? A prime minister upload his own picture with an international personality ^^, Well I have Tengku here with me n I have no idea why is he truly piss off as he saw this picture of Najib :P

Another weekend without my roommates (=.=) Dunno if I’m happy or upset coz it’s both actually :P Well, to be frank, my room will be a lil more neat without them, but kinda sad coz no more dim-witted gag like 2 days…hey, look at the bright side, I got no Tom foolling around, ops…sorry Tom, no offense…XD

Gosh, QMT test is like a couple of hour from now X(

Speaking of QMT, just now I went to library with Ujay. Before we hit there, we drop by Makcik Balang’s store to buy some junkies. I bought some sweet pickles to eat in the library so that I’ll not fall asleep, (ops, illegal :P) Plus, some fancy fried crab-ball for dinner on our way to library. I just place everything together in a plastic bag. As we finished, I just threw the bag into a trashcan at the sidewalk to library. As we arrived, then I realized there’s no pickle! -->nk makan dlm library nti :’( Gosh, I’d just threw it with those garbage LOL. Nampak sangat x bagi mkn dlm library ohoho :P

Well, the funny part is, as we finished study, we dig the garbage can for my bloody pickle back sob2…stupid right? Haha it’s kinda grossy but still, funny ^^,

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