Monday, April 26, 2010

Review of the day: The War So Far 2

I spent most of my time for movies today and a lil revision of coz :P I'm so envy with Ali's passion doing the math like after subuh until noon? wow, I'm impressed. Only at night I started to become aggressive revising statistic with my classmate at the study room.

Well, konon2 nye due to pressure, some of us started to become crazy after couple of hour uploading qmt stuff to our brain. Me and Ujay mess up our hair, Pak Dean crazily talking (3G-calls to be exact) to his calculator, Nameer suddenly behave like a baby begging for love milk...bla3...etc. xoxo

It's Statistic and English exam tomorrow (to be exact today like next couple of hour, tho)and my fuckin brain sorta tired today. A lil tortured from nostalgic past, pressure of exam, etc. But I'm cool about it. Not too depressing to be frank, but I did cry listened to Gift Of A Friend by Demi Lovato and I dedicate to song to my best pal ever, Rusydi immediately :D

Hmmm, just now I was lost at facebook and accidentally bump up with Shafiq Shahaimi's profile. Well, i was about to puke+fart=piss off since he's a total jerk who clash our friendship just because of my flaw. U know what I wanna say to him? " Sorry Mr Perfect for ruining your life, coz I'm just another human with flaw and not perfect enough to be around you."

I was too emotional at the moment LOL and even started to cry but suddenly Gift Of A Friend by Demi Lovato was on air and it's totally remind me to Rusydi :D He always with me no matter how the circumstances is. He is such a cool guy :)

I worried if it might spoil my exam mood, but Alhamdulillah, I managed to soothe emotion.

Just can't wait to get home! Dunno whether it's a good news or bad, that I'm actually get ting closer with my roommates, but I'm afraid I'm gonna miss them this semester break :'(

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