Wednesday, April 14, 2010

RUMAH~~~seram~~~(tipu jerr :P )

When Nameer said that we found a good house for living, I felt so glad and overwhelm that the searching is over at last. Plus I can’t wait with the whole new shit next semester! I’m so exited to live all by my own, (well partially to be exact), but after they had declare each personal rules, I felt sucks, coz I don’t have one of my very own rules (except for the smoking part, but it was rejected coz I’m the only one who doesn’t smoke, anyhow I respect the majority). All their rules kinda freak me out coz they had started to show their own color. It’s a good thing actually since it’s for the sake of everyone. But I don’t know, for some reasons, it does actually turn me off.

I wanna have Ujay or Nameer as my roommates, but both of them happened to stick as roommates instead with me. Well aizat, good luck accommodate with the others.
Should I stay in college instead? Lokman and Ali are kinda cool too. But, considering the sake of my study, it’s not healthy to have non- course-related friends as roommates.

Damn, how the hell should I deal these thingy?

p/s~ just ignore the Ikuta's hot pics at the sidebar. It's non-gay stuff FYI, juz wanna avoid misunderstood (=.=)""

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