Tuesday, April 6, 2010

scratch of me

Siapakah anda di rumah?
I’m a big useless and unlovely brother to his siblings. Obsess to do house chores and desperately wanted the low-cost mini house to look like luxury mansion like all the time. My brother hates me, and my sisters are the victims of the irresponsible brother madness, but I love them hell a lot. I hate when my parent is fighting on stupid shit, but that’s ups and downs of their marriage and that’s what makes ‘em experiential enough to run this not-so-poor family becomes stable.

Siapa anda di samping rakan?
Nameer said I’m a bitchy nerd good-boy but sometimes too eccentric. Ask my friends yourself for more details (=.=)”””

5 benda yang belum tercapai.
Have sex, do TESL, be a righteous, study abroad, and…lets just reserve it for something else later on :P

Siapakah nama pasangan anda?
Cherry Pie

Ceritakan 5 perkara yang anda suka tentang pasangan anda.
Hot, sexy, charming, cute and tasty.

Bila tarikh anda couple?
January 2010

Apa kenangan pahit anda bersama pasangan?
My cherry was sick and started that moment, we are longer ******** together, even my cherry had already recovered, for some reasons I just refuse to.

Lagu tema cinta anda
You’re So Gay by Katy Perry coz she kiss girls a lot but not me. But we're cool.

Apa perubahan yang anda ingin lihat dari pasangan anda?
I had enough of Cherry Pie. Can someone give me an apple instead?

Tag 10 rakan yang lain
Bella Wong, Diyana, Yong, Yuzwan, Cik Wawa, Moon-irah, Dato Kamal, etc.

p/s – Life is hectic so it’s up to whether u wanna answer it or not.


diyana anwar said...

amboi. siapakah si pasangan anda itu?
tak citer pun. :P

one more, makin berani ye skrg. berahi! hahaha

Aizat said...

u know what, ayat berahi km tu mmg x blei bla sgt2! huagagaga I'm laughing non-stop like 2 minutes ^^,

ops, nti dh mkn nasi minyak nti km tgk la dkt invitation card yewk :P


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