Friday, April 2, 2010

Sleeping Issue

I am asleep currently but I'm not fucking u guys with my sleepiness, but some funny issue instead involving sleep.

I hate the fact that I prefer sleep on the floor (ade toto) rather than on fluffy bed. It sound crucial but it gives advantages which force me to accept and agree to sleep on floor like everyday.

Normally I'll sleep with Lokman alone without Ali coz he prefers bed which didn't make you caught for body ache the next morning. Actually, me either. It's not that comfort, even my back kinda hurt but that's what make me wake up early the next morning. When I sleep on bed, I'll wake up like 20 minutes before classes coz it's too comfort and I was over indulge sleeping :P

Anyhow, lately Lokman got some gruesome patch on his face makes him felt down kot, thus assumed I might get repulsive to him, but actually I'm cool about it. But, x kesah lah.. so he sleep on bed and I'm sleeping on the floor.

Actually, I'm kinda glad too coz I can now fold the toto so that it can be a lil more comfort :P Hugagaga but at the same time, I still wake up early in morning, Alhamdulillah..

But afterward he said he wanted to sleep on the floor, so I stop doing my fold stuff (huagaga nmpak sgt syiok tido sowang2, tamak :P)I was like don't ever bother to get in unconformable again as long I'm not late for classes...but as I wake up next morning, he's actually sleeping in his bed...WTH? c

And the next 2 day again?

If u wanna sleep on bed, don't tell me that u wanna sleep on floor coz I wanna fold the toto :'( I'm kinda piss off at that moment, but when I recap it, LOL hell funny ^^,

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