Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Students and Technology

I promised my pals to post the BEL's essay assignment so here it is. But sorry guys I couldn't come out with the whole essay coz I'm whole fucked up last night. So here's the points.

Student nowadays have become better learners with the help of technology. Give your opinion.

Technology gives numerous profits to us in developing lots of field. With its aid, technology able to enlarge certain field of study or even create a new one by it’s ability to resolve problems in a short period and lead to lots of hypothesis. Moreover, even students nowadays have become better learner with the help of technology. (You can create the thesis statement by yourself base on the points below)


• Unlimited resources from internet.
• Good utilities are provided, both software and hardware.
• Increase the rate of information transfer.


• Can lead the student to cheat in any possible way with technology either.
• Student becomes over-dependent and lack of human basic skills.

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