Thursday, April 22, 2010

The War So Far...

Before CTU. Waiting+revising+breakfast ^^,

The first paper was CTU151. Everything went just okay except for my classmate, Faishal, something went wrong with his registration made him rejected from sit the CTU exam. Poor him. :'(

The CTU was just fine, but I'm afraid if there's careless mistake so I just grade myself B+ for CTU :P

That wasn't just a Sexyback, it's actually a discussion on LRAC and PPC curve ^^,

As for econ, I classified this subject as critical tough, it's happened that I can answered it smoothly even I might lost like 10 marks, ( don't ask, long story). I reckon we did enough preparation. LOL it's funny that we apply the Ukhwah concept, which included in the syllabus, in our preps. :D

Before we enter the hall, everyone just kept talking. About tonight's dinner, about holiday's plan etc. As if econ is the last burden LOL. Alhamdulillah, everything went great, but still kinda doubt if there's careless and stupid mistake coz everything seems too fine. (=.=)""

Anyhow, there's 2 more to go, QMT and BEL! Can't for party afterward! xoxo

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