Thursday, May 13, 2010

The 1 week @ Arau Report

There's a conflict last 2 week so I decided to get back to Arau. Sound stupid coz I'd just got home 3-4 days and I'm leaving? LOL long story, don't ask. I'm forward in participating the Arau Open and thats one of the reasons dragging me back to Arau.

I wanna surprised my roommates of my comeback, well it did works but as Ali got stung by lipan is way much shocking! Gosh, it as the night after I at arrived, at bad lucks started to appear? Plus, followed by my agony judging my roommates response as I told I lari dri rumah. It seems obvious that Akim kinda dislike my decision, but hey, he don't feel my pain, so forget it But I was glad the last the whole weeks things is recovering. Back to the story, the funny part is Ali started to make the lipan as his pet and he even brought Mr Lipan home! :P

The last night before we leave Arau, we hit the karaoke and scream out loud crazily LOL. Ali is the best when it come to high pitch last long like 1 hour! I can't do that! Dancing Queen pon I dah semput terhok! miahahaha ^^. Well, I did enjoy the moment, but as we got out of the karaoke port, they were too quiet and I really wanna disappear coz it's too awkward. We scream like just now and eventually we're leaving like that was a a job. LOL, so I just break the ice by praising Idris singing the I'm Yours. Yokatta, then they're talking...

One week wasn't so long. As I mentioned at Azri's blog, I'd tasted like thousand flavor of like and now I understand and started to appreciate both life at home and college. Now I can leave happily in joyous and relieve with the lesson I had.

akim leaved that Monday morning. Her mom fetch him with the Inova (gosh I love that car n i was freakin' jealous!!!). Idris, Meor, Ali and Me( LOL Marley and Me sangat :P) leaved on 6pm by train.

Along the journey from Arau to Alor Setar, the view was spoiled with the construction side for the two-way railway instead of the greenish paddy field. I was like, "Wow, akim's dad is the project manager for these stuff huh? major cool! (n I'm jealous again :P) "

The journey was interesting even it's kinda boring. But Ali and Me did fool around the whole cabin LOL. But drop by Gurun for dinner, but we just bungkus n mkn dlm train. But unfortunately, we only found the gerabak canteen afterward ohohoho :'(

p/s~There's still a lot to spit out. I'll do it in the next post :P


ed err said...

HO MY GOSH! that lipas is HUMUNGEST! i can't believe he got stung by a centipede. Has he gone to clinic yet? One word if u're goin back by train, BOOORRRIIINGGGGG!!!! :)

y0Ngu falcon said...

bapak besar gile lipan tu!!!! srius takot!! wuwuwuwu

Aizat said...

ed err, nope, he's just so immune so nothing happen he didn't go to clinic :P

bai, aq pon cuak yong..dh r aq tido bawah ohoho.tu bru bapak lipan, aq takot trjumpe bini or anak2 die plak..nahas =.^

dya said...

join arau open? derr! i cant! ;(


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