Sunday, May 30, 2010

Circle of My Day

My mom had just complained my routine in disappointment. Well, let see, what did I do everyday?

Wake up on 12pm, stick with my lappy the whole day [Facebook, movies, porn (opss...), music, download shit, etc.] daydream, eat, then off to bed like 5am.

Well, that shit rotate like everyday had sometimes drive me to think,

“Aizat, your life is priceless with such rotation,”

SERIOUSLY, I have no major commitment. That’s why I’m stranded in the hall of stupidity which in abstract way is actually dragging me to appreciate my 24/7.
Then, I’m thinking to seek some responsible. Not the hub responsible, but the additional.


nadHiraH said...

SERIOUSLY!!! buat house chores!!

Aizat said...

house chores? ewww....I'm not a maid. besides, malas laaa...hehe =P

nadHiraH said...

haha pemalas!!! my mom salu suruh i wat kalo i ckp i bosan tataw nak watpa, and its so sickening!! hahaha. sb tu tabole complai bosan ke ap. haha. buat house chores kalo u dah takde keje sgt! SERIOUSLY!

Aizat said...

i have a sister so the priority goes to her, bam!

btw, pompuan knw la rajin2 ckit buat keje2 rumah ni ohoho lumrah laa kn? huahahahahaha [evil laugh]

nadHiraH said...

haha dun talk about lumrah here. haha tp mmg btol pun :P


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