Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Complete AO Report

The Debate Camp.

Practically, we were just practicing.We learn about the structure, concept of debating and style of debating. U know, the austral,asean's and all that shit. SERIOUSLY I don't even know there's a moment where' u r not allowed to give POI. Well, if u know, tell me more about it ;P

We're actually learning the debate concept from zero

Gosh I don't know where to start coz Arau Open was a really memorable thing ever currently! Lots of experience is what dream are made of. Polish my debating skill, met new people, fucked up in crisis and shit and stuff had really grown me up in term of respecting others' wise decision, freedom of choice and bla3..ops, that is so 3 main principle, duhh...

Ecah is a really good speaker and she's friendly =P

But hey, the most funny part is we have like bunch of chit chat sound effect or new terminology what so everr u call it. Here's the list=P

-Duhh... [=.=]
-H&M= hotness and miracle monster [Aiman's new name]
-Seriously!!!=that's how Nad hardly wanted to convince people in term of single emphasis
-Very the Pereh=Abang Faiz did came out that shit, no idea what does that mean =p
*TELL ME MORE ABOUT IT* LOL another quote by Nad =P

Even though Abg Faez is a drag queen weirdo, but when it come to debating, he's really professional and able to separate emotinal with passion. I'm totally impressed!

LOL of coz you'll say, duh aizat..you were out for debating and those are the shits that u got? WTF...Eloq ckit...My vocabulary is improved in term of debating concept and structured speech. I don't wanna be shy by just knowing words such as 'abolish' and stuff coz I am in the learning process. And then we're fighting on the current issue like SERIOUSLY?!

Nad and Echa had a great fight on the Thai issue but eventually Faez cool 'em down and explain to us why did the case fall.

No matter how great and fun AO is, there are still ups and downs within the week. There like a couple of conflicts, but hey I don't wanna talk about it coz I'll be as whore as the person I wish to gossip about, opss..hehe. But hey, the point is we learn the moral of the story (bak kate Abg Iz), teamwork and team spirit is vital for a great time in debating =P

The Grand Dinner

The Grand Dinner was a really huge event since The King was in the middle of the hall with us! Like people said, the strength of an event is based on it's grand dinner =D

The Perlis Debater during the Grand Dinner ^^,

Even the Royal Debate Club never invite the King, but as for us in Arau Open, the Raja Muda Perlis was willing to support us in this prestige final debate match at Dewan Warisan. That night was tremendously happening and awesome! The motion was THW support Perlis as the Tourism Hub. The funny part is, even the King did jot down some note while the finalist is debating on the stage, wow! Obviously he wanted some fresh idea from the youth perhaps =P

Short course+Part time job=brilliant idea!

Most of us tend not to do the short course just to enjoy the break and get some money, but Raja is actually doing both of them! His schedule is really effective as in morning he go to classes as at night he hit the Big Bear restaurant to grab orders =P Plus, we did lepak2 there like every night coz the Big Bear burger is so not like another tepi jalan burger, but it's a lot like McD burger jugak la.. =P The Beef Cheese Burger and the Cream Choc Shake is my preferred choice!

The AO Last Day! We hit the Bowling Alley at Kangar.

Oohoho quite surprising at last there is a bowling arena at perlis,hoho pretty insulting huh =P

We wait for the bus but the bus don't come? We waited for the bus but the bus did not come laa...so posing dlu sambil2 tu hehe :P

I believe it was Faez's first time playing bowling and he did have fun that night even asyik masok longkang, obviously hehe =P

It's Kak Eira and Nuek. They'll no longer at UiTM Arau next sem since it's their final semester already this sem sob2 ='( I'm so gonna miss them. Nuek help me a lot during my first debut in last sem course dinner =P

We have so much fun that night! We cheer out loud like every time anybody got it strike! En K was awesome! But not anymore until there's a Pak Cik who claim himself as the owner of that place. Duhhh...he's just the pak guard for crying out loud! Pastu die marah kteorg bising2...SERIOUSLY, this is my first time playing bowling and we need to shut our mouth in the elephant ass?! Sebelom ni aq men bowling chill je bising2 [=.=]'' Pakcik tu siap ugut2 ntah hape2, the Abg Iz complain dkt the administrator on their worker rudeness and not respecting the customer. Tdiam mamat chibai tuh! haha pdn muke...Guest what, on our way home, we was like fuck on him a lot! B and En K non stop ngajok mintak2 maaf kt mamat bowling tuh =P


WOw it's been 4 hour already I'm working on this post! letih plak ohoho ^^,

Time to go Home...

We wait for the taxi like 10 minute but it's near to 6 already and the train was on 6! Cuak dow kalo trlepas train [=.=]

We we're damn worried if we couldn't catch the train but Alhamdulillah we made it. It was a great journey home with Faez my pal (not the debator), Naufal, Raihan and another 2 chick. The food on train define the price discrimination in term of economic. Plus I chat like 30 minutes non-stop with Raihan! She's such a cool girl. Even thoguh she look religious with the tudung labuh but hey, we talk like everything! But surely not beyond the limit of syarak la.. =P

I'm so happy as I saw my family waiting for me at the Ipoh KTM Station.

I ask kakak to buy some soft drink for Fez since even the plain water worth like RM2 on train, WTF?! Bile dah smpai Faez turun skali to grab the drinks but lawak sgt coz masing2 rushing jerr..mnde train stop kt Ipoh agak lame ohoho =P

As you can see, when the trainw as about to move, rase cm nk nagis je waving at Faez sob2...I'm so gonna join Arau Open next year and I can't wait to get back to college!

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