Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Decision

Currently I’m listening to sovos novious by Andrea Bocelli. The song is really beautiful yet melancholic in tone. Indescribable since it’s in foreign language but I still enjoy it. If you wish to understand it, learns the language.

Same goes with life. Even though it’s sorrowful, but you still indulge it from do to day. Down deep in my heart, there’s a voice telling me something; I have no idea what it is, but it kept me fighting in this foreign world. This fucking life is fucking colorful. Colorful and abstract like paint. If you wish to understand it, learn its language. The language of life.

Today is better than yesterday. Well, yesterday, I was at home and today I’m at Arau, my college. Its holiday for crying out but what I’m doing here like thousand mile from my hometown? Is it considered as a better place than yesterday? My mom kinda refuses to let me go. She just still not overjoyed her moment with her beloved son yet, but now I’m disappearing again?

I’m here for Arau Open. Even it’s still like 2 more weeks, but I’d just decided to come early. Don’t ask. Too many reasonable answers. LOL, don’t drag me to debate this shit but here’s the main reason. I’m not a good mankind religiously when I’m home. I ignore the 5 essential prayers, I disrespect my dad, I don’t bother to selawat to The Prophet Muhammad etc. But when I'm at college, it's happened that everything is under control. I become more discipline at college.

Sounds like I made up those righteous reasons, but that’s the truth. I don’t mind if you don’t believe it. It’s out of my control to gain you trust.

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