Saturday, May 8, 2010

masalah...terdengar bunyi mengilai~spooky

I guess i'm going back to my hometown due to financial issue..kinda moody coz my m0m ws like 'hmm-whatever' as I told her I wanna get home.

I kn0w,her expression define her expectation 0n me to understand our family situation. I spent too many time understanding people n0body's there to spend their time with me..

Instead of debating stuff,another purpose i'm back to arau is to kill some time with my pal. Well,mostly they jz study,i d0n't mind if they ignore me for that :-P bt as they just watch too many porn,i'm getting confuse,dissapointed...but hey, non of their fault,its my bad :-P

But hey,the hantu incident ws hell funny. It ws like 3am n suddenly ade bunyi mngilai. Fuck! Out of sudden tros peluk lokman :-P we asked ali wether he heard somethin,bt he didn't. Sumpah cuak cz 0nly me n lokman heard it. So we just went to sleep. Damn! It came again! Bt this time ali heard it either-mlompat ali terjun katil trokam lokman n aq plok lokman cm baby takot sgt2! Damn the next morning, we ws like,hey isn't it funny :-P

Aizat,u did spent some good time with ur pals afterall. I even gone gladly happy when I met faiz,ihsan n mirul+syahir..

Hmm,making friends is n0t jz enjoying the best part of them. Its actually getting difficult when u cann0t accept their bad side. So jz learn it n indulge the flavor of life.


Anonymous said...

aq x trkam akim p..
tr jatuh r..hahaha

y0Ngu falcon said...

gile cuak bai!! ha2...

Aizat said...

haha ali janji ko jatuh katil jgk :P

yong, sumpah cuak dow, time tu la nk igt tuhan nk selawat mengucap hape2 sume ohoho :P

Aiman Ariffin said...

holy cow thats really scary :-s lol

Aizat said...

hell yeah :P


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