Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Hunky Zacky

Guys, don't you think Zac Efron look just alike Ed Westwick?

Well, except for Ed got no bicep and luring six pad unlike Zac, obviously...[=.=]"
You know what, sometime I was like " Damn these guy are so hot no matter what they wear, what they do, people just gonna love them!" I do sometime wanna be like Zac!

Actually, what did bring my attention to talk about Zac is his new movie titled Charlie St. Cloud. I can't stop my tear as I watch the trailer!

Fine, the thumbnail is kinda turn me on, but hey, you gotta watch the trailer, and I guess it's a must-watch movie from Efron. Duh, just because he is there doesn't mean this shit is so High-School-Musical. He's piece is getting matured and I'm pleased about it. Check out the poster. It is so not another 17-Again!

...*quite*....FINE STOP BRAGGING AIZAT just say out loud that you love Zac! =P

Duh~but hey, I love it when movies can make me cry :P [...lame...]

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