Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hypothesis:staying at college is way much better than staying at home. accepted or not?

What happened today had drive me to draw a conclusion, staying at college is way much better than staying at home. This hypothesis is not applicable for public since it only reflect my current personal condition.

The reasons which support the inference.(in science, conclusion, hypothesis and inference are whole different thing, but hey, fuck me it does the some to me)
  • it's like two days already I'm staying at home, but scarcity define my food supply.
  • I have no fix pocket money. My parent didn't fix like a couple of bucks per month like any other parent does for my pocket money. It's not guaranteed I can get the money even though I really need it. My family practically wanted their children to learn the difficulties of being a poor like way too far!
  • If I'm at college, I can just walk to Mak Cik Balang's stall for some juice and snacks. But not at home, no snacks, no juice.
  • If I'm at college, I don't have to fight with my dad. He's annoying. He never listen to me. I'm totally an abandon son. I appreciate him just because he's supplying money for my financial, not for giving love. I hate that fact, totally.
  • I don't hate my dad and that's why I don't wanna fight with him.
  • At college, there are lots of friends to chat with. At home, just a bunch of immature sibling. They are like 10 for goodness sake!
  • My house is scorching hot like 24 hour. There are 101 reasons to have an air conditioner ar our home but my dad just refuse, as usual... =.=
Am I too demanding? Am I a material-whore?


munirah said...

setuju !!!
tp kalo duduk kolej tanpa perlu buat homework dan sbgainye yg berkaitan la. maknenye, kolej akan jd best bile takde homework. :)

Aizat said...

haha moon, i couldn't agree more :P


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