Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Perfect Puzzle

For some reasons, I love to gaze on on some beautiful god creature especially these beautiful guy. Gosh! totally in a non-gay way coz I'm actually obsessing on wanna be like them. What they are wearing, how do they talk, how do they behave etc bla3...but mostly or logically, i can only follow them in fashion since others seems pretty far away from reality unless I can afford to do some plastic surgery or whatsoeverr...

I wanna have bright skin tone like Lucas Grabeel,

cool hair like Zac Efron,

romantic voice like Jason Mraz,

sharp eyes like Ed Westwick,

kawaii looks like Ikuta Toma

I wish i could just put together those piece of perfection puzzle and create a new me! The flashy, high confident genius and talented one.

But as the public perception said, just be yourself. Lo que soy. I'm happy with myself now somehow. It's just that I'm having fun dreaming myself as the perfect men.


nadHiraH said...

nobody can hv the eye like ED WESTWICK!!!!! haha!! he's soooo mine....!!! gahhh!! i'm in love with him!! u should watch gossip girl!!! hehe SERIOUSLY!!! okie, emo plak :P

Aizat said...

SERIOUSLY??? well, i'm not a big fan of Ed but I love Hilary Duff like SERIOUSLY in GG!!!

nadHiraH said...

hahaha!! SERIOUSLY!!! u shud be a big fan of GG kalo u betol minat hilary!! haha i love gossip girl!!!

Aizat said...

really? haha I will dear =P
but mls la nk follow kt tv..perhaps klu ade mase nk bli la dvd ohoho ^^,


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