Sunday, May 9, 2010

Review of the day: List of Today's Conclusions and Facts

why i was born this way? that is so ungrateful question but sometime make me wonder the same shit. I'm emotionally unstable but I'm trying my best to carve the best smile, but people just don't get it.

For some reasons, I'm tired of girl. Not the girls, literally, but guys who non-stop speaking of girls. As if I'm a fuckin gay.FML.

Sometime I feel like a trash. the non-biodegradable one.

I wish everything just works easy.

The person I thought to be a cool one, is actually a material-whore and overly metrosexual.

I decided to go home by train tomorrow just because I'm expecting to meet some crazy tourist who can chat with me like the whole boring journey.

I wish life is simpler sometime.

My chest felt this bloody bitchy pain but Gaviscon can never work.

Sometime I felt invisible.

I started to tired of porn. Can someone suggest me anything else which way much cooler and beneficial for goodness sake?!

I reckon I started to feel what did Rushdi felt during his crisis.

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