Friday, May 14, 2010

Sayonara Bella Sama

Bella is so popular and smoky hot in her own way. You name it. She's the star of Arau (arau? kampung sgt :P), she the artiste of Pentas Digma, she's the dancer~I have no idea why I'm writing this shit. And now that she's leaving, urgh! shit of her is like everywhere! [=.=] Not literally, I mean at Facebook, blog, etc, bla3..but hey, that bitch totally rock us out. (ow, aizat stop bragging, please =.=)

I first met her when I'm audition for the pentas digma club. Someone in the pintas digma;I barely forgot that hoesy guy but he did like my expression so he audition me separately downstage. Duh, wtf? even though i look like a good actor doesn't mean I can act. I kinda shame myself as he ask me to prove my acting skill so I told him I kinda into the comedy. Well, i did make fun out of myself,duhh...memalukan

I was like, "damn, i'm not a good actor, just another so-call mocker". Then, Bella came (she's among the judges that night) beside me. I told her I felt so bad of myself. What a shame [=.=]. I barely forgot what did she said to me but she did calm me down. Then I was like," thanks kak Bella :)" but she don't like coz the title Kak make her look older :P Then I started to brag her with the Kak title coz tu je modal yg aq ade ohohoho :P (fact: aizat is never good in dealing with girls, especially the hot one)

Another fact, she's the second person that I know go for TESL, which my damn preferred course after Bob Kamal.

Bu-bye Bella, I'm not gonna miss ya =.^

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