Monday, May 31, 2010


What do you feel when someone scold you badly and they declare it's for your own sake, but actually they got some hidden agenda of their own sake?

Haven't you feel this emotion where you're really annoyed on things that you're not suppose to get mad on coz it's actually your fault. Coz you're actually don't deserve to be disappointed, since you're the one who disappointing people. But that shit is actually spoiling your whole day mood,right?!

I admit that I'm not perfect to obey people's demand especially my parent's demand. But I'm totally inelastic to it.[seriously aizat, lei x jgn explain in term of economic? geli sgt..] Sometimes, I lack of commitment [a.k.a. malas], and sometimes it's against my life principle.([=.=]seriously?)

Gosh, I have to be really careful to spit out shit in my blog coz if I'm not, my post will hurt people. But, in filtering my speech, it's actually hurting me coz, goddamn! I felt like my heart is like a balloon and someone wanna pop it! @#$%^&*! ...[=.=]weird analogy, I know...


thesaketgurl said...

mcti sakit hati kan bila diaorg buat cmtue??
they said for our own sake..
but actually they want us to be like them kan??

Aizat said... ur case, sorta like selfish kn?

thesaketgurl said...



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