Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bersyukur itu Indah

I heard a ceramah somewhere in the radio said that,

Kalau nk tau rezeki kte tuh berkat ke tak, ce tengok, cukup ke x? klu x cukup2 tuh, maknenye x berkat la. Kalo ckit je pon mmg dh cukup n kte bersyukur, mmg rezeki tuh diberkati Allah..

~ops, time tu ondaway balik dri anto abah pgi keje, kmi dri kmpung n dh lewat so abh trog pg airport
That line had totally drive me to think, which side am I belongs? Coz I never grateful with everything I got. So, as for that moment, I wake up and appreciate every damn thing that God had granted me.

It may sound like I'm cheating myself to mock that everything is just fine even though something is wrongly insufficient, but I'm actually reminding myself instead. It's a holy order for goodness sake. Don't misjudge my action.

Even since I grateful on every gift, things started to get better and merrier. I have less fight with my dad, me and my family chat a lot, shop together [coz i'd just realize, not all my friend have the chance to kill time at the mall like together together with their family but the ow-take-this-money-and-get-your-things instead]

Plus, my dad's boss gave him 2 free dinner coupon at Hill City Hotel. Well, abah decided to have a family dinner, but hey there's only 2 free sit. Well, since I'm in my effort to lay-low and decreasing-unlimited-wants-mission, I beg him to just have dinner with mama (which was romantic,though ^^) and then we all hit a restaurant for dinner afterward...=P

SERIOUSLY, the dinner just now was a BURP...alhadulillah... =)

I love their mushroom soup, but mama said yg kt Hill City lgi besh ohoho =P But SERIOUSLY, they made the best Milk Carrot juice everrr!!!

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nadHiraH said...

adik u yg pomp tu comei gila aaahh. hehe, suke2. yes, be grateful hun! SERIOUSLY!!


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