Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cedok Entry Yong hehe =P

I hate to see my blog doesn't updated daily even though ade je mende nak tulis but bapak la malas shiall nak spit 'em out...[=.=]

1. kenapa orang selalu x tepati masa?
Well, let just take this case as the majority habit. OBVIOUSLY, because they are too lazy. Perhaps, they are just not interested on the subject,thus giving commitment.

2. kenapa orang x reti bersabar?
Aq boleh bersabar selagi aq dgn org tu cool jerr..unless, it's not my favorite subject/people/stuff, then I can't wait for long. Confirm cepat je got pissed.

3. kenapa orang suka bongkak?
Pasal die igt die sorang je yang bagos. Die jela yang betol org laen sume bodoh. It's okay to be proud of yourself; it's self confidence. But not all the time, it's not healthy.

4. kenapa orang suka mengkritik?
LOL hehe that's me. This kinda people never satisfied on anything around them. But, if we take it positively, we might take their critics as a useful tools to trigger your effort in achieving something. YES, mmg sakit hati kalo org kritik kte pedas2. So, i'll try my best to make some improvement, and show them that they are totally wrong!

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