Friday, June 18, 2010

EnchantING England T

I own my visa like couple of weeks already but I force myself not to use use it until today. SO HERE'S THE STORY...

Well, my family and me excluding my dad went to some malls looking some shoes for my sister since she's going to Kedah for college. We hit the UO first then Ipoh Parade.

You know how boring it his hook up with girls browsing for their stuff so me and my brother
(Achik) fool around the mall looking for some cool stuff. When my eyes gaze around, suddenly my sight was caught on this really flashy dashing T.But SERIOUSLY the boutique was like 100m away across the sidewalk. I can barely avoid those T as if it's doing so mojo stuff or something calling at me. I was total enchanted.

Well, it's pretty affordable. But I don't have enough cash. DAMN IT.
Aizat: Dude, forget it. Perhaps other time. [ckp dlm hati =p]
Achik: Nak jugak bju England
Aizat: Yep shmart jgk tgk patung tu pakai ohoho =P Opss..x ckp duit..
Devil Aizat:[hey u got visa right?]

Then, my mom came, and she just don't stop me at all, but she love those T instead [=.=]
...RM112++ just flew away. You know what, I should freeze my card like in the Confession of a Shopaholic tho...

p/s~I got myself the red England and the black one for my brother. I'll post the pics later =P

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