Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm listening to Waka waka-Shakira.

My friend got jealous when he noticed bunch of sweet couple date around the mall while he just hoke up with some guy not his girl. What about you?

SERIOUSLY, I don't. But different people fall into different kind of jealousy. But I reckon most people falls in material jealously. [WTF, are u talking about the drama queen shit, aizat? =.=]

It's not the drama queen thingy...It just that I got turn off when I noticed bunch of guy try to hit on my favorite girl. But that girl is actually not my type, but I just jealous for no reason. Weird huh? Probably I envy on those guy kot..hmm..manusia.

What's important in men are not their education, strength, or looks. but GUTS.

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