Monday, June 7, 2010

It's a Happy Day =D

I'm happy today because:

-Yuzwan and Akim visit my house for a cup of tea, [and of coz akim is borrowing my Death Note dvd =p)
-My family and me were shopping at Gerbang Malam and accidentally bump up with Wanco and Family.
-I have a new sandal =P
-My family and me chat about our dreams and nightmare n mama told us how funny abah is when he's sleeping LOL.
-I pampered my dad with some massage n a lil pinching n pulling his hair, and he did sendawa a lot ohoho =P
-I bought a hair straightener n me n my sibling were keep on playing with it until like 12am LOL

That cool Volkswagen is actually belongs to Akim, my roommate. SERIOUSLY, that car is so in my cool-stuff list!!!

Well, this is Akim, the owner. Damn piss off with my face coz it's ugly with those overly prominent teeth so i censored 'em =P I am sooo not gonna smile widely next time.

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