Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Prince of Persia Review+just a song that i wrote myself =P

I really love music. It's a melody+message where everybody are able to enjoy. So, I tried to make one of my very own piece.

It's a sad song. It's about your bestfriend/lover/crush/anyone who are close to you, is leaving you just because of your flaw, imperfection bla3..Here's a fact. I compose this song in my dorm bathroom LOL =P

Don't wanna say much cz I'm actually talking quite much in this video either =P Well, enjoy and feel free to respond on my video, I totally appreciate it.

I'm standing in this room,
watching you walk away,
away from my beautiful life
away with tears joy and all our laugh
Now I hate you
go get a life
get off me, hey but..

I found myself cry in a happy
when you're not there for me
You make me laugh you make me smile
I'm so glad to have you somehow
but too bad you're not right here now

I'm alone without you X2
without you.


ENOUGH with the shit above, let's talk other stuff... Well, yesterday, Along, Angah and me went to cinema for Prince of Persia. Kakak couldn't make it coz she's busy settle her Poly-Tech registration thingy.

SERIOUSLY, the movie was awesome, AS USUAL...But hey, here are what I thought of the movie:

Princess Tamina look a lot like Demi Lovato
I just noticed that the Pince Persia guy was actually Donny Darko

This movie is sooo just another The Butterfly Effect [Ashton Kutcher] It's all about traveling time and change the past for the sake of future. But, The Butterfly Effect is in this century, while Prince of Persia is a total epic.

-Islamic building had been spot in most of the scene, especially the mosque-like palace of Alamut and the Palace of Persia itself.

wow2..hold if I'm not watching movies, but observing and analyze them LOL =P

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