Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kawan2 Sekolah Rendah

I feel terrible of myself for forgetting my elementary school memories. They talk lots about memory lane and all that shit and I was like...[=.=]...huh?....[^^,"] oo, ituka? But honestly, I like having you guys around speaking of shit and not talking about the weather. Even I don't even recoznized some of them, but we were so friendy LOL =P

We have a great dinner and those happiness only cost me RM4.50 only. Cheap, and I like it. Itupon aq pau 5 kupang kt fendi hehe, ARIGATO fendi.ko nk pgi study kt Spain nti xlei blanje aq dh ohoho [seriously dri tdi smpai skrg asyik majal fendi psl spain jer huagaga]

Chatting with afiq mmg dipenuhi dgn loye buruk yg busuk dan sengal. Yuzwan is still with his susuk jokes thingy, the girls were busy with the gossip and candid photo-shoot, bla3, etc and yada3...I like this suasana ^^,

p/s~SERIOUSLY, Brazil vs Portugal tdi mmg boring gilerrr babi!Not boring as hell, but boring yg positive, like overly awesome smpai seri jerr 0-0 huagaga ^^

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