Monday, June 14, 2010

Kenduri Marathon? Freakin exausted!

Sometime i have to remind myself that i'm suppose to enjoy this limited time with my family coz i frequently dreaming of my favorite pals every time i'm day dreaming.

We drop by the Avant Chocolate which located somewhere before the Cameron Highland. We're on our wat to Kuala Lipis, which was another kenduri of my mother's relative.

Umai, mama and me =P

My siblings and Me

But i'm freakin' exausted right n0w so i just can't squeeze it for both side. Then, n0rmally i'll end up with dreaming 0n my favorite gadget :-P

When it come to kenduri,i'm n0t the kind of person who will help around n do all the chores cz i'm jz damn lazy so i'll just sit n eat. But SERIOUSLY, it sucks when u r doin n0thing for ur close relative's kenduri.

Kenduri abang Linda kat Lenggong a.k.a my dad's cousin

kenduri kat Kuala Lipis Pahang

There's n0 point of driving all the way fr0m ipoh to kuala lipis for a plate of lousy meal,coz that isn't the deal. It's n0t the food we're talkin about, it's the ukhwah. So,i just have to remind myself like every damn second about this.

Before we leaved to Ipoh, we managed to visit this cutie pie of my Aunt Angah Diana, his name is really long, but I just remember the Adiputra part LOL =P

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