Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My 2nd Semester Result

SERIOUSLY, speaking of my result, I get to know it officially only 3 days after it's released. I'm pretty happy with it since it shows improvement (duh, 0.04 jerr, x yah nk kecoh,aizat) and I did plan to apply for the JPA scholarship thingy, hmm...let's hope I can get the money,ops.. ohohoho [of coz money isn't the main thing for Aizat!-----[=.=]yeke??]

Out of all subject, the lowest grade is my mandarin language. I don't surprise of getting B for mandarin since I did put less commitment on it, obviously =P I don't even attend the 2nd listening test no wonder la B saje aizat...work harder next sem!!


A.Z said...

I ogt A kot for Mandarin. u should have come the 2nd test tho. so, did u receive another dean?

Aizat said...

yep another dean =)
but harap2 sgt aq x tlebey sronok smpai lalai next sem =.=


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