Saturday, June 19, 2010

My mate, Alex

Do you have any celebrity friend? Em, my mom do have some, but mostly just the Senario guy and their wife (Malaysian Comedy troupe) coz most of them like Wahid and Hamdan sent their children to my mom's kindergarten.

I was dreaming of Alexander Ludwig as my class mate. Crazy huh? I know, too good to be true... =P

SERIOUSLY, I don't even know that guy is exist because I was on my way to class then I bumped up with Nina Haku =P As I got in the class, Alex was there and since it was a dream, the script said that he's my good pal. I was so annoyed of the fact that he's too shy to talk. Funnily, I know he's an actor. I hardly wanted to chat with him, ask him about his career; movies and stuff, but he just kept on blushing and smile without a word? Argh! Speak out dude! I don't know, but my dream director said that we're cool, not the fan-celebrity relationship thingy but just like Aizat- Fahmi-yish kot =P

WTF Aizat? [=.=] Geli shial...Duh, I know it's just a dream-play. Besides, as I browse the net just know, then I just find out the guy in my dream is the famous Alexander Ludwig! =P huagagagaga bapak x siuman shiall...

But hey, even I don't have celebrity friend, but I do have bunch of celebrity-wannabe friend =P [Duh, I reckon faez is the one who suppose to said so]


A.Z said...

WOW! I wish I could have tht dream..
owh and aummm.. bout tht celebs..
my long distance aunt is Tiara Jacquelina :D

Aiza4t said...

haha, I love my dream lately bcoz everything seems joyous and glamorous there =P


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