Friday, June 4, 2010

My Ugly Cribs? =P

I'm doing this video because I wanted to convince myself it doesn't mean my family isn't that rich, we aren't able to decorate like in the Casa Impian shit and make it look luxury. Well, me and my mom did work something out. Well, I gotta say, it look slightly better and pretty conducive to stay in. But too bad, I don't have the 'before' picture, so you might not clear on the changes, but hey let me give you a clue, it's a semi-low cost rumah teres. =P

Well, we keep it as simple as possible since if it goes too extreme it'll turn out messy since our house isn't that spacious..

You know what, my dream is, I wanted to buy a really huge luxury lakeside bungalow for my parent[FYI, there're like couple dozens of cool cribs here at Sunway City that I teribly wanted to have one!] n my mom and me are so gonna decorate it together again! Wish my dream will become true soon...

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