Monday, June 28, 2010

now I’m all gone...

Listening to: Baby Remix my Caprice+Ruby Jude+Justin Bieber

I can't believe that I'm going to leave my hometown in not mot more than a week, as if just yesterday I merungut don't wanna leave Arau and my friends. When I put on a list on what should I do at home, most of them are done already, but I still wanna add some more on the list so that there's still reason for me to stay. =P

But what can I do, my responsible as a student is still isn't complete. Plus, I am really enthusiasm to strive for the best next semester. Damn, I really need to maintain/improve achievement to be in the safe-zone. But still, jangan hidung tinggi and never bother to help out your friends, aizat. Don’t be a selfish coz that is sucha douche.

SERIOUSLY, Aizat you need to pack your stuff started from now! If you do, then you’ll notice anything missing, and that’s way practical.

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