Monday, June 28, 2010

Poye2 dgn Rushd

SERIOUSLY, bapak la penat shial! Mingle around with Rushd was really exhausting =.= but I like it LOL

We went for bowling,karaoke,shopping first we just just fool around the Ipoh Parade but rushd said they have lots of cool outfit at Yip Fong, so we walk there from Parade, GOSH, fuckin' exhausted in scorching hot noon, urgh! Supposedly rushd brought his car but his parent was just damn worry about our safety since they were involved in car accident like more that 10 times, though...

x larat nak type dh..

p/s~Bongek je..sori sangat kat Faez pasal coz he text me a lot but aq mmg busy berpoye2, hehe =P

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Anonymous said...

1 pattern je Aizat senyum


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