Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Review of the day: Lepaking

Haha I gotta say the moment the light was on and suddenly Justin Bieber voice rhythmically follow up, the end of Karate Kid was like BAM! Wow! I don't know how to make a good review on the movie but it was a cool movie and I love his mom's face when Dre do those kung fu stuff LOL at the tournament ^^

Afterward, we fool around the Ipoh Parade. I searched some hot stuff for my closet, all those outfit was really cool and flashy, I have the money in my hand, I don't know why I not just walk to it and buy. I'm actually fall in love with money. Literally. Just like Mr Crab. He earn money but he didn'tnot spend it on luxury items, but he just adore those green paper even a little penny! He will never spend it easily.

What do you feel when you are out to somewhere like mall or stuff, one of your pal telephone you and she was like,"x ajak pon..." SERIOUSLY, I'm with my siblings and cousins. I know she didn't really mean it, but I still feel kinda bad about it. Plus, ble x ajak Inah (another cousin) join pon aq dh rase cm x best. Plus, even my roommate Akim pon call and ckp the same things LOL =P Sinetron sgt..

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