Wednesday, June 2, 2010

DRAWING BORING SLUT CUTE=Tag from Jajalina ^^,

suka melukis tak?
I used to love drawing since it's a medium for me to let out my bored sensation plus deliver some describable thingy through my sketch. But that when I was 5 LOL =P [dan2 je bdk2 kecik nk ekpreskan jiwa melalui seni kn? huagaga sumpah bongek]. But,since I;m reluctant on drawing and aggressively move to public speaking [a.k.a. gossip2 n chit chat] and writing, I leave that methodology to my sisters and brother. Now they're obsess on sketching and drawing. Hey, they even making comics tao. Hmmm...I know..Aizat is really inspiring =P [ade orang angkat bakul la plawk...]

buhsan buhsan suka buat apa?
Since I'm bored already, I'll get blank. Dunno what to do then off to bed...ZZZzzz..

kenapa siput babi berjalan lambat?
Coz they are slut.

cute tak org yg bg award nih??
Well, I hate to judge people coz I'm not perfect enough to adjudicate others. But hey, she's sweet =P


thesaketgurl said...

sweet ke???ngaaaggaga

Aizat said...

by sweet i mean u care on people around ya =P

thesaketgurl said...

thanx babe!!!
*blushing wooo..ngaa~


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