Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Warga Emas pembawa masalah menjelang 2020? [=.=]

WARNING: This post is my very own perception on the current issue, so please don't kick me to ISA.[btw, I heard that ISA dh mansuh certain enactment,plus I did debate 'bout this as our motion =P ]

berita ckp, by 2015 warga emas mncecah 9% --> 2020 warga emas 10% out of all Malaysia population. dewan brsidang ckp MNDE NI BAD NEWS =.= I know they have points of coz....but AS IF deorg NK ORANG TUA CEPAT2 MATI JERR...

I thought it suppose to be a good news since I reckon this stats shows that Malaysian's lifespan is increasing due to improvement in in health awareness among them. Warga Parlimen ckp this will bring problems in social structure and public infrastructure. Well, I'm glad they did manage to predict the obstacle, so I really hope the government (which most of them are in the ambang of warga emas) will do something about this issue coz I'm not getting younger.


Amanina said...

i've heard one time ago, australia is one of the top country with lots of old people. but the government take great care of them. :)

Aiza4t said...

let us hope Malaysia will do something better than Australia for the sake of my dad ohohoho =P


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