Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When no one is around...

LOL it so funny when I'm actually rush into my room to write a blog post about something genius which is just pop-up in my mind and might possibly blown away if I didn't jot it down. But apparently, I ended up karaoke You're the Music in Me at Youtube like damn passionate LOL =D Seriously, it's was like...WTF DUDE?!

Well, that's what will happen when you watch too much Glee haha since they just make singing stuff looks easy, SERIOUSLY with the B flat and all that shit, I'm so not into those instrumental lesson thingy, I just enjoy listening 'em.

My brother is not around coz Along and Angah fetched him to watch live football match kt Rumah Pah. Honestly, I'm not obsessively passionate in this thingy so it's a NO. Angah and Along out of sudden shows up in front of our house gate to kick out some football match, which is cool, coz it'll be a lil quite tonight coz my brother kalo tido pergh! bapak la bising shial die snoring [=.=] Anyway, I don't like Brazil so malas nk join.

Another lovely fact is I'm alone right now! Mama and Abah pgi rumah pah to discuss with atuk the tanah thingy and my sister was just too bored coz I refuse to tolerate with her using the internet and playing The Sims 2 in my lappy then drive her to just pgi rumah pah skali.

I have no idea with my weird hobby yg ske sgt kemas2 rumah when there's no one around. Menjadi kepuasan bgi aq ble tgk rumah kemas. I know it's creepy...

p/s~esok nk tgk Karate Kid with my sibling n cousins =P

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