Sunday, July 4, 2010

1st day Landed on Arau review

I slept at my classmate's house last night. I try my best to enjoy it but eventually, I'm just not. Too many smoker.

There’s thousand of word to say, but I don’t now where to start; college, friends, new stuff, new subject, etc.

I feel sad that I’m no longer staying with my roommates, but ironically, I’m living with Yuzwan, my room is next to Ihsan’s, Mirul [ex-roommate] and everyone close to me [including the bothersome pal =.= ]

You know what; I’m totally impressed on how music can influence man’s emotion. I was grayish moody, but My First Kiss by Keisha and 3OH3 had manage knock it out.
I hate myself when I’m discriminating people and starting to categorize them. SERIOUSLY, whatta fuck dude? =.= I always make and assumption based on their looks aka my first impression on them. I can just easily judge people and that is so not a good habit.

Plus, music can totally blow you up. I had totally forget what I hardy wanted to say. FUCK.

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