Wednesday, July 21, 2010

DEMO DEBATE demo? ^,^

Tonight was a blast! I enjoy the debate since the motion was totally my stuff. This house believe that Malaysian Artiste are like sitting ducks. Me and my teammates did a great job as the apposition. I dig out lots of fact on this motion and I'd just happily spit 'em out just now, I'm happy with my performance tonight.Congratulation to Raihan as the best speaker of the night =D Thanks to Echa for guiding us the english debate teams even there're only 9 of us. That's not a mature relevant reason for us to stop. SERIOUSLY!

To all debater-mates! Let's bring Arau's name to the top! I'm so passionate about this!

p/s~I can't wait for AGM tomorrow...terribly wanna meet our new freshmen debaters! ^^


A.Z said...

I really wish tht I was there watching the debate but I got audition kn tht nite :(
I wish to see u debate. I've never seen u debate u know. but the way u talk in class i'm sure the words u use in debate r bombastic! I give my salute to u my man! :D

Aiza4t said...

ohoho that's very sweet oopss, mean cool of you =P

xpe2, nti kalo ade lgi debate match kt dlm, i'll let u know ^^


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